Lisa found her activist voice late in life and began volunteering for her county Democratic Party in 2017, working in its office to give people information on local races and candidates, as well as organizing the office to run more efficiently. She also enjoys volunteering with her local food pantry to help people with food insecurity issues.

Lisa was given an opportunity in 2020 to work with one of her childhood heroes, David Soul, having been asked by both Laura and David to help them produce AMERICA, a short film documenting racism in America. Lisa became one of the film’s Executive Producers and was the Content Coordinator on the project. She created liaisons with several organizations to acquire photos and videos for the film. AMERICA was a project that opened Lisa’s eyes to long-held beliefs, making her aware of the inherent injustice in today’s society, and offering her a chance to help shine a light on it.

Since then, Lisa has joined Laura to manage the online David Soul Store, coordinating projects between fans and David, including personalized autographs and videos. Lisa also helps provide content to the MTP website, finding and uploading articles helping to highlight important issues around the world.

Lisa is extremely honored to be given the opportunity to work with this amazing group of inspiring people and hopes to continue to contribute to projects in order to help draw awareness to the critical issues in our world today.

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