From the age of 10, Laura Moretti has been active on behalf of animals in every way possible, from their hands-on rescue to their plight on the world stage—in legislation, education, as a student and a teacher, through her writing and her graphic design, on foot and in front, on camera and behind the scenes.

Laura began her activism for animals in La Paz, Bolivia, at the age of 10, determined to defend hapless street dogs by hiding them from shooters, and by ‘relocating’ other animals to prevent their slaughter. As an early teen, Laura was actively involved in petitioning the Canadian government to end the annual baby seal slaughter. And by high school, she had already acquired a chapter of The Fund for Animals and used it to educate her community about the plight of animals around the globe.

Using her skills and experience of combining pictures with the right words, she created fliers and newspaper ads, as well as newsletters, posters, books, pamphlets, bumper stickers, billboards, leaflets, business cards, etc., all of which eventually led to her creation of an award-winning international magazine (see THE ANIMALS VOICE). She has also since transferred her graphics skills to the Internet.

From an undercover agent for the New Jersey SPCA, to a lobbyist for animal protective legislation in every state she has ever lived in, to hands-on rescue of wild horses, to magazine and web site publishing, to serving on the board or advisory boards of various organizations, Laura has been an activist for animals (and others) for 50-plus years, earning a respected position in the animal rights movement worldwide.

Laura was inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame in 2004.

Laura also handles David Soul’s digital media, including the design and maintenance of his official web site, as well as serves as a liaison for his public appearances and interviews, and works directly with him in video production—with more to come.

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