David Soul releases his song, ‘America’

In the spirit of America, David Soul releases his song, AMERICA, as a gift to his fellow citizens to enjoy and share among themselves. To watch the video David directed based on this song, please visit Stick Together. To download the song for free, please use the button below. “Think about America then,She’ll love you […]


Hi everybody, Finally … AMERICA, our video documentary based on the song of the same name; a song I recorded 40 years ago, but never released, is up and running on various websites, including this one, as well as on Vimeo and on YouTube. What an incredible team I’ve had the pleasure to work with. […]

AMERICA Progress Report

Hello everyone, Re: PROGRESS REPORT Laura Moretti and the rest of our Team AMERICA (Lisa, Alison, Lori, and me) are so grateful to you all for your response to our appeal to help us finish what we now also consider a project that you made possible. We could not do it without you. You’ve helped […]

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