David Soul speaks out against the dog meat trade

“I’m lending my voice to the growing opposition to end the illegal and barbaric dog meat trade in Asia. Please watch my five-minute video above and then do what you can from the list of actions below. On behalf of the dogs and their defenders, I thank you.” LEARN MORE

A conversation with David Soul about animals

Actor and musician David Soul, best known for his role as “Hutch” in the iconic 1970s television series, ‘Starsky and Hutch,’ is also a humanitarian and activist. Among his rights work, he was arrested in 1985 during a demonstration defending Rev. D. Douglas Roth, who was fired by the Lutheran Church for his anti-corporate sermons. […]

Jon Soul’s Watershed Project Updates

Visit Bayou to Bay and you will find pictures and descriptions documenting a personal and professional journey from inner-city Shreveport to the Gulf of Mexico. The goal of this project is to reconnect children to our local waterways for the long term benefit of both. Through experiential education, students in northwest Louisiana will learn to care about […]

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