Alison is the Australian arm of the ‘global’ Team Soul, and lives in Sydney. Alison has spent her career as a corporate lawyer and risk manager in the banking and financial services industry … that is, in between her other (arguably, more demanding) ‘career’ of raising three children. Alison has a particular interest in human rights, and often has a project or two on the side, including legal work for asylum seekers and lobbying for ‘Dying with Dignity’ legislation.

Alison considers it a privilege being part of Team Soul, working across three continents and three time zones; at times we can literally say we work ‘around the clock’! Alison gets involved in the legal, drafting, negotiating side of things, but her other important role is trying to keep in line those more creative types she works with … a task most often met with failure!

Working on the film AMERICA was a hugely rewarding, but confronting, experience, particularly learning about long-suppressed racial abuses and massacres. (Remarkably, the only known archival footage of the bombing of Tulsa during the 1921 race massacre was not even held on American soil, but traced to the Australian War Memorial.)

Alison is looking forward to continuing to support the MTP website, covering issues important to us all, as we work together to help tilt our beautiful, but wonky, world back on its axis.

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