Starsky and Hutch

Starsky and Hutch

1975 – 1979

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We don’t get paid extra to kill people, either.

The days of Starsky and Hutch were a rich, explorative time that you wouldn’t trade for anything. As far as the seventies were concerned, the show seems to epitomise the era. From a television standpoint, it was the first of the cop genre to really explore friendship to this level. Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul decided early on that they weren’t going to be what the marketing people had described the show as: two tough, streetwise, macho cops. For them, Starsky and Hutch was to be based on friendship. Glaser and Soul approached the scripts –and management –with their ‘me and thee’ motto. It was this trust that became the basis of the humour in the show, humour that wasn’’t really a part of the original scripts.

Starring David Soul (Hutch); Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky); Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear); Bernie Hamilton (Captain Dobey)

Produced by Joseph T. Naar; Created by William Blinn; Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling; Leonard Goldberg. © 1975 – 1979 A Spelling-Goldberg Production.

Pilot: Starsky and Hutch (pilot)

Season 1
Captain Dobey, You’re Dead!; Deadly Imposter; Death Notice; Death Ride; Kill Huggy Bear; Lady Blue; Pariah; Savage Sunday; Shootout; Snowstorm; Terror On The Docks; Texas Longhorn; The Bait; The Fix; A Coffin For Starsky; Bounty Hunter; Jo Jo; Losing Streak; Running; Silence; The Hostages; The Omaha Tiger.

Season 2
Blood Bath; Bust Amboy; Gillian; Iron Mike; Little Girl Lost; Murder At Sea; Nightmare; Tap Dancing Her Way Right Back To Your Heart; The Las Vegas Strangler; The Specialist; Vampire; Vendetta; A Long Walk Down A Short Dirt Road; Huggy Bear And The Turkey; Murder On Stage 17; Starsky And Hutch Are Guilty; Starsky’s Lady; Survival; The Committee; The Psychic; The Set-Up; The Velvet Jungle.

Season 3
Death In A Different Place; I Love You, Rosey Malone; Manchild On The Streets; Murder Ward; Starsky And Hutch On Playboy Island; The Collector; The Crying Child; The Heroes; The Plague; A Body Worth Guarding; Class In Crime; Deckwatch; Fatal Charm; Foxy Lady; Hutchinson For Murder One; Partners; Satan’s Witches; The Action; The Heavyweight; The Trap.

Season 4
Black And Blue; Blindfold; Dandruff; Discomania; Moonshine; No Deposit, No Return; Photo Finish; Starsky’s Brother; Strange Justice; The Game; The Groupie; 90lbs Of Trouble; Ballad For A Blue Lady; Birds Of A Feather; Huggy Can’t Go Back; Starsky Vs Hutch; Sweet Revenge; Targets Without A Badge; The Golden Angel.