Starsky and Hutch: The Movie

Starsky and Hutch: The Movie


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“They [the media] generally write “he didn’t like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson doing their parts; he’s just got sour grapes.” That’s not what it’s about; I think Ben and Owen are great! This was never an attack on the boys; it was an attack on the corporate mentality that puts branding ahead of relationships – and that I do still have a problem with. Back in the 70s [we] developed a relationship [with the viewers]; the family became involved – it was like what [Starsky And Hutch] did was part of the family. There are a lot of people in their thirties, forties, who come up to me and say, “I gotta tell you, you’re the reason I could stay up on a Saturday night.” [Paul Michael Glaser and I] wanted to tell the story of what happened with these guys 25 years down the road, to bring closure to not only our [characters’] relationship, but with the relationship we developed with people all over the planet. “What happened to those guys?” – and in a way that says, “we respect you as an audience”; it dignifies them for their time in watching us back then. And that’s what I had a problem with, not that it’s been written down the way I’ve explained it to you before.” —David Soul

Dimension Films; Ben Stiller (David Starsky); Owen Wilson (Ken Hutchinson); Vince Vaughn (Reese Feldman); Juliette Lewis (Kitty); Fred Williamson (Capt. Doby); Jason Bateman (Kevin); Chris Penn (Manetti); Carmen Electra (Stacey); Amy Smart (Holly) and Snoop Dogg (Huggy Bear); Brande Roderick (Heather); Molly Sims (Mrs. Feldman); Terry Crews (Porter); Richard Edson (Monix); George Kee Cheung (Chau); Matt Walsh (Eddie); G.T. Holme (Bartender); Jeffrey Lorenzo (Willis); Har Mar Superstar (Dancin’ Rick); Patton Oswalt (Disco DJ); Brigette Romanek (Banquet Singer); Paul Michael Glaser (Original Starsky); David Soul (Original Hutch); Dan Finnerty (Bar Mitsvah Singer); Jernard Burks (Leon); Omar Dorsey (Lameli); Pramod Kumar (Indian Shopkeeper); Rod Tate (Bee Bee); Raymond Ma (Marks); Richie Nathanson (Drug Dealer); David Pressman (Terrence Meyers); Scott L. Schwartz (Fat Ron); Judah Friedlander (Ice Cream Man); Akerin Suksawat Premwattana (Toby); Amber Head (Banquet Waitress); Archbishop Dom “Magic” Juan (Archbishop Dom “Magic” Juan); Darlena Tejeiro (Lorraine); Harry O’Reilly (Cop in Shower); Tangie Ambrose (Kiki); Sarah Swain (Elizabeth); Delores Gilbeaux (Sexy Bartender); Kimberly Brickland (Diner Waitress); Minnie Lagrimes (Mrs. Feldman’s Friend); Rachel Harris (Mrs. Feldman’s Other Friend); David Burton (Rooftop Bad Guy); Larry Chang (Laundry Owner); Ton Suckhasem (Bookie #1); Henry T. Yamada (Bookie #2); Charles Edward Townsend (Smokey); Nancy Anderson (Nightclub Dancers); Jason Yribar (Nightclub Dancers); Keith Diorio (Nightclub Dancers); Nikki Pantenburg (Nightclub Dancers); Shealan Spencer (Nightclub Dancers); Katie Miller (Nightclub Dancers); Timothy Anderson (Nightclub Dancers); Kimberley Wyatt (Nightclub Dancers); Kristyn Abbadini (Nightclub Dancers); Kevin Stea (Nightclub Dancers); Adrian Armas (Nightclub Dancers); Gabriel Paige (Nightclub Dancers); Tara Wilson (Nightclub Dancers); Brittany Perry-Russell (Nightclub Dancers); Tanee McCall (Nightclub Dancers); Nadine Ellis (Nightclub Dancers); Chad Azadan (Nightclub Dancers); Jason Beitel (Nightclub Dancers); Brandon Henschel (Nightclub Dancers); Mark Meismer (Nightclub Dancers); Matt Sergott (Nightclub Dancers); Lisa Joann Thompson (Nightclub Dancers); Christian Vincent (Nightclub Dancers); Natalie Willes (Nightclub Dancers); Stacey Harper (Cheerleaders); Gelsey Weiss (Cheerleaders); Tasha Tae (Cheerleaders); Becca Sweitzer (Cheerleaders); Jennifer Hamilton (Cheerleaders); Vanessa Tarazona (Cheerleaders); Janina N. Garraway (Cheerleaders); Hadee Sweeney (Cheerleaders); Melanie Lewis (Cheerleaders); Megan Stephens (Cheerleaders); Michon Suyama (Cheerleaders); Tomasina Parrott (Cheerleaders).

and Warner Bos. Pictures; An AR-TL/Weed Road/RedHour Production; Directed by Todd Phillips; Screenplay by John O’Brien and Todd Phillips and Scot Armstrong; Story by Stevie Long and John O’Brien; Based on characters created by William Blinn; Produced by William Blinn; Stuart Cornfield; Akiva Goldsman; Tony Ludwig; Alan Riche; Executive Producer: Gilbert Adler; Director of Photography: Barry Peterson; Production Designer: Edward Verreaux; Edited by Leslie Jones; Music by Theodore Shapiro; Music Supervisors: Randall Poster; George Drakoulias; Costumes designed by Louise Mingenbach; Casting by Juel Bestrop, C.S.A. and Jeanne McCarthy, C.S.A.; A Todd Phillips Movie; Unit Production Manager: David A. Siegel; First Assistant Director: Jeffrey Wetzel; Second Assistant Director: Courtenay Miles; Associate Producers: Scott Budnick; David A. Siegel; Helecopter Pilot: David Paris; Stunts: Brian Avery; Joseph Bucaro, III; David Burton; Jennifer Caputo; Carl Ciarfalio; Rick Cresse; Alex Daniels; Jeff Dashnaw; Jennifer Elizabeth Davis; Rick Edwards; Corey Eubanks; Greg Fitzpatrick; Burke Franklin; Allan Graf; Joe Greblo; Thomas Robinson Harper; Craig Jenson; David LeBell; Gene LeBell; Rick Miller; Clifford McLaughlin; Gene McLaughlin; Ryan Macon; Michael Papajohn; David Powledge; Chad Randall; Jimmy N. Roberts, III; Jens Rubschlager; Anthony Schmidt; Tim Sitarz; Steve M. Soloman; Ator Tamras; Greg Tash; Fred Waugh; Dana Michael Woods Crew: Art Director: Greg Papalia; Set Decorator: Kate Sullivan; Lead Robert Lucas; On Set Dresser: Glenn Roberts; Assistant Art Director: Chad S. Frey; Set Designers: Kristen Pratt; Doug Meerdink; Roy Barnes; Graphic Designer: Karen Teneyck; Art Department Coordinator: J. Virdone; Art Department Staff Assistant: Kyra L. 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McGuire; First Assistant “A” Camera: Sam A. Dimaggio; First Assistant “B” Camera: Brad Peterman; Second Assistant “A” Camera: Robert Baek; Second Assistant “B” Camera: Jennifer K. Bell; Assistant Costume Designer: Cathy Crandall; Costume Supervisor: Charlene Amateau; Key Costumers: Kristen M. Dangl; Amy Jo Hoppenfeld-Kay; Key Set Costumer: Tricia Bercsi; Mr. Stiller’s Costumer: Robert Mata; Snoop Dogg’s Costumer: April Roomet; Costumers: Grace Kelly Lambert; Marylou Lim; Cynthia Morrill; Alison McCosh; Andrea Michelle Napier; Senna Shanti; Key Make-up Artist: F.X. Perez; 2nd Make-up Artist: Rick Sharp; Mr. Stiller’s Make-up Artist: Kate Morgan Biscoe; Mr. Wilson’s Make-up Artist: Fiona Connon; Make-up Artists: Maggie Fung; 1; Jo Jo Myers Proud; Key Hair Stylist: Carol A. O’Connell; 2nd Hair Stylist: Carolyn L. Elias; Mr. Stiller’s Hair Stylist: Anne Morgan; Mr. Wilson’s Hair Stylist: Katherine Gordon; Snoop Dogg’s Hair Stylist: Tasha Hayward; Chief Lighting Technician: Brent Foe; Assistant Chief Lighting Technician: Ted J. Kredo; Chief Lighting Rigging Technician: James M. Cox; Key Grip: Kurt Grossi; Best Boy Grip: Chris McNellis; Key Rigging Grip: D. “G” Dhiensuwana; “A” Dolly Grip: Dwight Joseph LA Vers; “B” Dolly Grip: Billy Pierson; 2nd Second Assistant Directors: Paul B. Schneider; Timothy R. Price; Stunt Coordinator: Dennis R. Scott; Special Effects Coordinator: Mike Meinardus; Special Effects Forepersons: Greg Curtis; Anthony W. Simonaitis; Mike J. Sasgen; Patrick Huggins; Robert Henderson; Special Effects: Garnet Baril; Chris Brenczewski; John Wm Fischer; Jose Antonio Paramo; Production Coordinator: Nicholas Stern; Assistant Production Coordinators: Linda DaSilva; Billy Bonifield; Production Secretary: Mike E. Landau; Production Accountant: April A. 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Entertainment Inc. and Miramax Film Corp.