David performs “Bullet in the Brain” by Tobias Wolff

The WORDTheatre® Short Story Podcast is your weekly access to the best short stories brought to life by great actors with the writers in the room to hear their stories read. These performances were recorded live at venues across the U.S.—from Los Angeles to Manhattan to East Hampton, NY—and the U.K.—from London to Oxford to […]

Veterans’ Day Special

LIVE STREAM: WORDTheatre presents a celebration of our veterans, featuring a collection of literary work exclusively by veteran authors. 7 November 2021 Sunday 12:00 LA  15:00 NY  20:00 UK. Thank you for supporting our work by picking up an $11.00 ticket – priced for November 11th which is Veterans’ Day in the U.S.. Single ticket buyers have the opportunity to view […]

Music Without Borders: In Case You Missed David’s Premiere, Listen Here

Introducing our new one o’clock Sunday afternoon show, MUSIC SANS FRONTIERES (Music without Borders)… LIVE from the Boogaloo beer garden. The show, hosted by out-of-sorts actor and recording artist David Soul, alongside his brilliant sidekick, Mr. Hugh ‘the-man-can-play-anything’ Burns, do their very best to hang onto the traditional values of The Boogaloo Pub, and go […]

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