Interesting Media: David Soul

At the kitchen table of his London flat, David Soul is re-enacting the 1974 auditions for Starksy & Hutch, except he’s not playing Hutch—the blond, blue-eyed California detective who made him one of the biggest TV stars in the world. He’s playing Starsky—or, technically, Starsky actor Paul Michael Glaser. “This guy walked in, who I […]

David Soul Releases GOLD

Introducing a new 3-CD compilation, titled GOLD, which features 44 tracks spanning David Soul’s career, achieving a remarkable 5 Top 15 U.K. singles, including ‘Going In With My Eyes Open’ (U.K. 2), ‘Let’s Have a Quiet Night In’ (U.K. 8), ‘It Sure Brings Out The Love In Your Eyes’ (U.K. 12), plus his two Number […]

Don’t give up on David Soul—just stop asking if he was Starsky or Hutch…

Interview by Bernard Bale, The Sunday Post Which one were you, Starsky or Hutch? That is the question that has haunted David Soul since the 1970s and yet he is an internationally famous singing star and a world-renowned actor of both theatre and the big screen. So, which one was he? “I was Hutch because […]

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