AMERICA Progress Report

Hello everyone, Re: PROGRESS REPORT Laura Moretti and the rest of our Team AMERICA (Lisa, Alison, Lori, and me) are so grateful to you all for your response to our appeal to help us finish what we now also consider a project that you made possible. We could not do it without you. You’ve helped […]

“It is hard to keep hope alive in your heart”

This memory was sent to me by my sister, Lois Johnson. Her husband Richard was a close associate of my dad, Dr. Solberg, a teacher of History and Political Science—a pastor and a man who spent his time in Germany from 1949 to 1956 serving the refugees fleeing out of Soviet eastern Europe into Berlin […]

Thank You to Our AMERICA Supporters

To all our friends out there, In these days of campaigns, when every political candidate is out there running for Student Council President, County Prosecutor, Senator, Representative or President, bombarding you and me with tin cups and hats pleading for your money, I am sorry to come knocking on your door with my hat in my hands. […]

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