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Help me stop the cruelty of the dog meat trade

Some 20 million dogs are brutally killed every year throughout some countries in Asia to supply an illegal and cruel trade in their meat. What I have seen has made me sick. I’ve added my voice to the growing opposition to end this practice and ask you to join me in raising global awareness.

Please watch my five-minute video by clicking here and then do what you can from the list of actions I have devised in conjunction with The Animals Voice. Together we will make a difference. On behalf of the dogs and their defenders, I thank you.
David Soul Autograph


David Soul’s acclaimed show The Passion and Poetry of Pablo Neruda will be performed at the St. James Theatre in London on February 17, 2015.

A private Dinner With David will be held in London on Saturday, April 25, 2015, for a handful of lucky fans. Loads of personal time with David. Details to be announced.

National Express kicked off a TV campaign starring David Soul. The 60-second spot features David driving a National Express coach while singing his 1977 hit, Silver Lady.

A group of pastors and their wives challenged corporate decisions that put people out of work and destroyed local businesses, homes, and families. This is their story.